Heat strikes

It looks like summer finally commences in the cold country known as the Netherlands. Last week, temperatures weren’t rising above 15° C. But yesterday around 1600h, when I went to the mall, it was almost 30° C. That’s fricking hot.

This morning, when I went to deliver papers, it was 15° C. The time? Half past four. After dropping about 10 newspapers, I quickly got rid of my coat and sweater, and ran around in my shirt. It didn’t even feel a little bit cold. Is this really summer starting? Even though ‘IJsheiligen’ has still to come, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna freeze anymore. And that’s good news to me.

Downside of it all is my room. I already have a fan standing next to me, but I guess I’ll need to add a few more the upcoming days. Else sleeping would be very much impossible. Well… you can’t have it all!

Another heat is striking, but this time in the form of a voting. There’s an online competition going on, and the winner gets a job at ‘Het Parool‘, a dutch newspaper. The contestants are all comic-writers, and if they win, they’ll get a daily spot in the paper. A friend of mine, Aimée (picture), is also in the league, and made it to the quarter finals! But she needs your vote! Please vote for het comic called ‘Osmond en Ik’ at the StripStrijd website. It’s ok if you don’t understand it, just vote! Haha. There will be another round if she wins this one, and after that another round, so she’ll need your votes!

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