beatmania iidx arcade in the us?

It’s confirmed. There is a beatmania IIDX 13: DistorteD at the Konami stand at the E3. Does that imply Konami is going to release IIDX arcades in the US? No word about it got out yet, tho…

There’s a Guitar Freaks v2 arcade too, by the way. I guess Harmonix would sue, if only they didn’t copy Guitar Freaks. Another US release?

Thanks BemaniStyle for the info. More stuff might follow later.

edit: No beatmania IIDX arcade in the US, and no Guitar Freaks. IIDX is there to show how damn cool the game is, and what we outside Japan are missing, and Guitar Freaks is there to kick against Harmonix/RedOctane/Activision. Go Konami!

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