What the **** does GNEV mean, you might ask. Well to be perfectly honest, we don’t know either. Tee hee
It’s just complete insanity ^^
We’re the GNEV society!~ And We’re planning to eat your brains out! Yatta! ^ ^; This is all about NOTHING! And we don’t even know what GNEV means! Bwahahahahahahahaha insanity woOOOoooOooooo. Anyway you shall all listen to me! *we will?* SHUT UP! er right…GNEV! *Narf?* NO! GNEV! GNEV is about….you know! when someone scratches his nose… No no no! I mean in the middle of the night… no no no! When you don’t know what it means! That’s GNEV! Blame it aaaaall on GNEV! *Cookie?* NO!!~~
Still don’t know what this is about? No? Mission completed! ^ ^ lol. GNEV is something that is nothing. When someone’s asleep or drunk or unconscious and they say something that you’ll need to decode to understand then…WE DID IT! ^ ^ AND DAMN PROUD OF IT TOO!
We’re a brain eating-nose blowing-organization NJET! WE’RE GNEV!
Disclaimer : WE OWN GNEV! And you have never heard of us because we’re SECRET remember?! and if you steal it VeXuS will come to eat your BRAIN~~! ..and stuff. And by the way; Are you sure that we are Russian? are you sure we ain’t your neighbours? friends? lovers? people? pets? bugs? fish…food? your COOKIE?! Or maybe we are your…toilet paper! EWWWWW! NoOoOooOOoOoOooo!! Do you even have a toilet? IN THE BACKYARD?!?