Happy May!

Welcome everybody to the renewed MKwiakaku.net! After half a year I return and bring you the next lay-out of the site. Not numbered anymore, but labeled ‘tripping contact’, after the kors k feat. teranoid song featured in beatmania IIDX 13.

Completely Web 2.0 adjusted, with RSS feeds and more activity than before. I hope you all like the renovation of MK.net!

But when good times come, bad times have to go. Because MK.net is now a blog, the old MKwiakaku.blog (located at blog.mkwiakaku.net) will be of no more use. The other pages will be gone forever too. Well, not forever. They will forever stay in our memory. If anything breaks in there, it won’t be fixed.

Expect some more updates the next few days. Updates like Categories and Pages. I just started the blog, and it still has to be filled. If you have anything to tell me, encourage me, confess your love, give me tips, you are free to submit a comment!

I will be back, probably later today.

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