Teranoid Project

It was that day
The day the world fell apart
The day I was brought to this world
To bring back the colors that
The people has lost…

Millions of my brethens stood on this ruined planet and resonated their melodies of life
And there you were
Together, we started tot walk towards eternal bliss

The awakening

in the far future…

In the wasted land where standstorms violently gale…
In the world where all the hope has been taken away…
In the world sinking down an abysmal despair…
In the world where the people has lost powers to pass on their


In the world where the human race is facing its limit…

The “Oz Syndrome”

It seemed like the people who has forgotten the colors
life was slowly moving towards destruction

But in that hopeless world of darkness and despair, a melody of hope was about to be created…


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