My Puppy Dog~

Omdat iedereen zat te zeuren; de lyrics voor Vivi РI Love My Dog. Veel plezier met meebl̬ren.

Vivi – I Love My Dog
(S. Castagna – C. Codenotti – E. Somenzi)

Don’t wanna flash thru
All in a blur
People may think I’m crazy
Your love is true, boy
But I can do
Nothing without my baby blue

When I look into his eyes
I can feel I fall in love again
My candy sugar heart

Baby get me right – I love my dog
There’s no need to fight – My puppy dog
Nothing ever coming between just you and me
There’s no compromise – I love my dog
How can you despise – My puppy dog
Do you think you’ll find us a place within your heart?

Never been square, boy
You got to know
Lovin’ me is not easy
He’s not a plush toy
Who’s got to go?
Now if you love me take my plea

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